Buying Your Energy

It's official - we're NI's greenest domestic energy company

We are committed to sourcing your energy supply needs directly from green energy sources, thus helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

And, it’s not just us saying that – it’s official.

Fuel Mix Disclosure and CO2 Emissions for 2018 published by the Utility Regulator showed that ClickEnergy was well on its way to becoming wholly reliant on renewables, with its attainment level at almost 83%.

And we’ve been powering ahead on your behalf to go 100% green in 2020!

ClickEnergy is the domestic market leader in Northern Ireland, reinforcing our mission to buy all our energy from generation sources like wind, solar, anaerobic digestion, biomass and hydro.

By buying more and more directly from renewable sources, we’re helping to make a difference to protecting the planet while still offering good value for consumers who switch to our green energy tariff.

Click Energy charges all customers on the same tariff the same rate(s) – this is no different with our green tariff and from January 2020, we will be switching all new customers to our green tariff automatically, and at no extra charge!

Existing customers can also switch to our green tariff too – simply contact us online at or by FREEPHONE on 0800 107 0732 and we will update your account free of charge!